Collection Books 1-4

  • Collection Books 1-4
  • Collection Books 1-4
  • Collection Books 1-4
  • Collection Books 1-4
  • Collection Books 1-4

This listing is for all four (4) "Collection" bound coloring books I have released so far.

Myka Jelina Art Bound Coloring Books Autographed Artist Edition Line Art Grayscale.

These are truly stunning heavy quality books that will make a great addition to any MJ Art collection. So beautiful you might not want to color them.

This listing is for the first four (4) in the new exclusive artist collection coloring books released directly from the artist studio. These premium high quality books have been designed with serious colorist in mind. Beautifully detailed line art and grayscale coloring pages hand inked by Myka Jelina with you in mind. They are top bound, perfect for left or right handed coloring as well as lay flat design. Super heavy rigid back cover, easy to color on your lap or on the go. Full color front cover with protective film. All pages are single side and printed to heavy vellum cardstock, perfect for all coloring mediums. Pages will not bleed or buckle. Beautiful full color bio page and note from the artist. Coloring charts & blotter page included with purchase.

The images in this set are line art & grayscale, including some of the most detailed work I have already released as well as some new exclusives just for these books.

Dimensions: 8.5 X 11 inches (21.59 cm X 27.94 cm)


Rhianon grayscale, Rhianon line art, Zyanya close up line art, Zyanya grayscale, Wakanda close up line art, Wakanda grayscale, Gwyneth close up line art, Gwyneth grayscale, Artemisia close up line art, Artemisia grayscale, Tala line art, Zoti grayscale, Sonya line art, Remember Me grayscale, Solara line art, Reina grayscale, Dakota line art, Aria grayscale, Beautiful Bones line art, Sirin grayscale, Serena line art, Santha grayscale, Zaria line art, Tawny grayscale, Dalia line art & grayscale, Rayvnwolf grayscale, Tatiana grayscale, Willa line art, Line art bookmark set, Grayscale bookmark set. (reference in images).

Lumina grayscale, Lumina line art, Tea For Three grayscale, Tea For Three close up grayscale, Lucia grayscale, Lucia close up line art, Melita grayscale, Melita close up line art, Paige grayscale, Paige line art, The Seraphina grayscale, The Seraphina grayscale close up, Nova grayscale, Sophia Lily line art, Charmed grayscale, Charmed line art, Stardust grayscale, Corona line art, Selene grayscale, Lillian line art, Delphi grayscale, Emily line art, Soma grayscale, Venus Moon line art, Irisa grayscale, Zoe grayscale, Amethyst line art, Kallan line art, Seika line art, Grayscale bookmark set, Line art bookmark set.

"Collection Three" 34 PAGES INCLUDED IN THIS BOOK:
Irisa Starfire line art, Dreamer line art, Dreamer grayscale, Sweet Tooth line art, Sweet Tooth grayscale, Melody line art, Melody grayscale, Sunshine line art, Alisha line art, Alisha CU line art, Good Vibes line art, Luxie grayscale, Luxie CU line art, Bubbles line art, Sandy grayscale, Sandy CU line art, Flower Power line art, Mariposa grayscale, Chloe Peace line art, Chloe & Harmony line art, Lyra Day grayscale, Lyra Night grayscale, Buttercup line art, Molly grayscale, Crystal line art, Sugar grayscale, Rock On line art, Sunny line art, Celebration line art, Micky line art, and 4 stationary pages featuring Sunshine & Flower Power.

Calamity line, Jewels gray, Jewel line, Temple gray, Temple close up line, Layla gray, Layla close up line, Lucy gray, Lucy close up line, Juxtapose gray, Juxtapose close up line, Fiona gray, Fiona close up line, Cloud Burst gray, Cloud Burst close up line, Kitty gray, Kitty close up line, Charlie gray, Rhapsody gray, Rhapsody line, Victoria gray, Brooke gray, Dusty gray, Kayla gray, Sienna & Celeste gray, Willow gray, Helena gray, Nikka gray, Samara gray, Katana gray. PLUS "A Fairy Steampunk Circus" Bonus Page.


If you are not familiar with grayscale coloring, I highly suggest you search it online. There are tones of tutorials out there to show you how fun this can be. It allows you to color the images while retaining all the original shading of the piece. Kind of like coloring an old black & white photo. I'm sure many of you would love to see some of your favorite Myka Jelina Art in a different color scheme, well now you can. I have personally rendered each image from my original paintings to allow for maximum color possibilities. Hope you enjoy your new coloring experience and be sure to let me know how you like it.

All pages are printed to acid free, heavy, high quality, bright white, card stock perfect for your favorite color pencil, pastels, markers, crayons and more. Also great for left handed colorists & perfect for framing. Won't buckle or bleed. Comes in a crystal clear resealable acid free sleeve with protective closure and rigid backer board to keep all your colorful creations safe and sound.

Payment: Stripe or Paypal

Please do not resell, distribute, file share or publish this art.
Purchasing this product does not give permission for commercial use in any way.
This product is for your personal use only.
Do not share or post items created with these images for SALE online or off.
You may of course share your completed colorings on social media with credit to the original artist and the location you purchased the book.

About the artist:
Myka Jelina is a fantasy artist born 1973
in North Carolina who currently lives in
the beautiful Missouri Ozarks.

A traditional painter, known for her clever
bright eyed beauties, Myka intricately weaves
worlds of magical adornment to share with all
of you. Her original works are created from
acrylic paints on wood panels and have been
cherished by collectors worldwide for many years.

Most recently she has extended her art to the wonderful world of Coloring.
Myka personally hand inks every line art design, and renders
stunning grayscale versions to closely match her original paintings,
giving everyone the opportunity to color their favorite works of art.

So sit back and relax, have a cup of tea, inspire the artist within,
and enjoy your lovely Myka Jelina Art coloring collection.

All content copyright ©Myka Jelina
All rights reserved.